Saturday, January 1, 2011

Blogging: Day 2

ok ok ok – here it is, day 2 and I’m back!  go, me!  I’ve spent some time today learning about blogging basics from a site I frequent, I <3 naptime.  such an awesome post for a newbiddity-newbie like me! 
so, basically today I’ve been thinking and preparing to be a better blogger than I originally thought. . . tweaking this and that to make the blog easier to search, read, comment on. . .oh, and also picking out a background I liked on the cutest blog on the block

also, I’m figuring out windows live writer and how to use hyperlinks (impressed?)
lest you think I’m only interested in blogging, do not fear!  (in fact, I’m not much interested in the actual blogging at all – I’m not a fan of writing, remember?)  the blog is just the vehicle to transport my many crazy and wonderful ideas to make the best use of any given four weeks.  stick around, I’ll be adding more 28-day adventures very very soon!

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