Saturday, January 8, 2011

Link-ups: Day 1

My first link-up!  I’m psyched!  it’s like I’m a “real” blogger! (hee-hee)

I’ve been thinking lots about some goals for this year.  sometimes (in my life) I just go with the flow, without setting goals. . . and there have been times I’ve been majorly committed to something and have used goals to maintain my motivation in reaching those goals.  BUT I absolutely HATE to NOT REACH my goals. . . ESPECIALLY if they’ve been written down somewhere or if I’ve told someone, so this blogging of goals is especially hard for me!  I guarantee in the past if I would’ve listed goals online (whether or not anyone has even read them) and didn’t meet them, I would delete them as if they didn’t even exist!  so, this year will hold new challenges just in the goal-setting/achieving alone!
here it goes, then,
  1. begin/maintain B90; reading through the Bible word-for-word in 90 days.  will post more on this later.
  2. begin/maintain a personal blog.  including learning the ins and outs of blogging and finding my voice and what my niche may be in this big, bad, blogosphere.
  3. begin/maintain a budget for our household.  hubby makes the money, I need to be more responsible for where it goes after it hits the bank!
  4. learn to live on cash (inspired by dave ramsey)
  5. get out of debt (outside of my student loan <ugh> and our mortgage)
  6. de-clutter my house of all the “stuff” that is slowly suffocating us all.  get the “stuff” down to the things that are necessary, things that are particularly enjoyable, and things that are uplifting to our lifestyle as conservative Christians.
  7. begin/maintain some sort of physical fitness for myself and encourage/inspire my children to be more physically active.
  8. create/purchase/find/assemble some sort of daily learning activities for my 2yo as she is now ready and willing to do some daily activities (explore montessori more?)
  9. find time to stretch my creative-muscles.  it’s been so long since I drew/threw/made something just for the joy of making. (“threw” refers to clay!)
  10. be more purposefully present in the lives of my children; my son will be 10 this year!  I don’t want to lose the connection I’ve built as I have a toddler demanding attention, too, now.  I just want to simply ENJOY being with them – childhood will be gone all too quickly and I don’t want to regret my preoccupations with things that simply aren’t important in the grand scheme of things.

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