Sunday, January 2, 2011

Blogging: Day 3

blah.  I’ve decided I’m not a blogger of random thoughts.  I’m actually a bit stressed out just thinking about what to write!  I got this image in an email today, and as beautiful as the sentiment is, the thought of a big, empty, new, white book is sooo intimidating! 
new year
I’m a (former) high school art teacher (now homeschooling my own) and I LOVE an empty sketchbook.  love to feel the pages, to think about what will go in there, to dream up these fantastic designs. . .BUT when I actually go to put something in those pages, I get so frustrated ‘cause I want it to be PERFECT!  but, truthfully, once I put in some time and effort, I grow to love the sketchbook and cherish all the memories it holds.  hopefully this blog will be like that new blank sketchbook and I’ll grow to love it, too.
so – on that note – on to new adventures!

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